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Community cryptocurrencies and their importance by

Article published on April 5, 2019 on

The blockchain is rapidly increasing in popularity with each and every year. In the first month of 2019, there have been many reports of important groups and countries increasing their interest in cryptocurrencies and as amount of money in them. These trends are predicted to continue and the attention given towards the blockchain is supposed to increase even more. Many different companies and countries have created their own cryptocurrencies to handle their online dealings. This trend will see a gigantic increase in 2019, with firms and the finance ministries of several countries dealing with specialists and tech companies to set up the necessary environment for their introduction to the blockchain.

The situation reads much like an economic bubble that’s rapidly increasing in size. Individuals, companies, and governments are rushing towards the blockchain and producing an abysmal number of cryptocurrencies. However, much like anything else, there is a limit. One day, the bubble will burst and the trillions that have been invested on it will go someplace that’s not in the range of the people who believed in them. The ones remaining safe from this fallout are community-based cryptocurrencies.

Why Community-Based Cryptocurrencies Are the Safest Choice

There’s been a recent growth in the introduction and popularity of community-based cryptocurrencies.

As stated, Liracoin entails a decentralized approach to digital currency. Decentralization is a philosophy that explores complete independence from all regulatory authorities. This means independence from banks and governments along with all the rules and regulations they decree for dealings. Decentralization makes the most of what the blockchain has to offer, a place to store information and run dealings where the people participating are the only ones responsible, with no influence from any regulatory body.

If and when the bubble bursts on cryptocurrency, it’s systems such as Liracoin which will protect their users. Rather than having their currency and their coins to be influenced by additional ones, or even having to convert their money to something else, Liracoin can be utilized as a medium of exchange…….


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